Writing about your own children

11 Apr

How can a person go about blogging about their life experiences, and NOT write about their kids? This is a true dilemma for me, because being a mother is the role in my life that, by virtues of kids needing to be taken care of, takes THE center stage in my life.

I have long been a “my heart my sleeve” wearer. I tend to be an open book, often over-sharing details of my life ( I only discover this after the fact.) I am drawn to people and their stories, and often feel a connection to other people quickly. Since becoming a parent, I have taken a much different look at people who write publicly about their children’s lives and personality. I don’t know how I would feel if this had happened to me as a child.

So, as I set out to write a blog based on my world view, and life experiences, I making a commitment to myself and my kids to tread gently on using their life stories in my blogging hobby. I will refer to them occasionally as LL and Hopper. My journey to parenthood was paved with experiences that have been at times painful, amazing, and interesting. We adopted our daughter at birth, and our son was the result of a very surprise and unplanned pregnancy that quickly became medically complicated. As for my husband, who is far more private than me, I make the same pledge. He should know, though, having met him at 19 and married him at 23 and my companion on my journey for most of my adult life, he will be mentioned here and there. His name will be Thor. or Angus. I haven’t decided yet.

(My siblings will be Louis, Mary Jane and Simon. I issue the same pledge to respect your privacy, though I am doubtful they will be reading this.)

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